Shagun Sodhani

Deep Learning @mila-iqia, previously Machine Learning at Adobe Systems, Alumni at IIT Roorkee

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Weekly reading group on Graphs at Mila
Implementation of "Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification" paper
Python 134 30
Tensorflow implementation of Graph Convolutional Network
Python 72 9
Implementation of "A Parallel Spatial Co-location Mining Algorithm Based on MapReduce" paper
Scala 42 8
Tagger for questions posted on StackExchange Network
Python 36 1
PyTorch implementation of Memory Augmented Self-Play
Python 34 5
Tensorflow implementation of char-rnn
Python 27 3
A simple implementation of neural image caption generator
Python 22 16
Power-Law Distribution Analysis
Python 15 3
Code and Presentation for PyCon2016
Jupyter Notebook 13 3