Implementation of A Parallel Spatial Co-location Mining Algorithm Based on MapReduce paper DOI

Colocation Pattern

A spatial colocation pattern is a set of features that co-occur in space. For example, two crimes, say Robbery and Assault, would form a colocation pattern if they are reported together at many places. Think of spatial colocation pattern mining as association rule mining in the spatial domain.


To download dataset

To load data in HDFS

Dummy Dataset

To run Neighbour Search MapReduce task

To run Neighbour Grouping MapReduce task

To run Count Instance MapReduce task

To run Colocation Pattern Search MapReduce task

Note that for running colocation pattern search task for size k, the results for size 1 to k-1 should already be in the db. So to find colocation patterns of size k, run the script for 1 to k and not just k. This task can be easily automated using a bash script.