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Repository of my talks/presentations


Topic Event Month
torch.func: Functional Transforms in PyTorch 8th Annual Toronto Machine Learning Summit July


Topic Event Month
PyTorch 2.0 - Why Should You Care EuroPython 2023 July


Topic Event Month
Distributed Training with PyTorch 6th Annual Summit and Expo, Toronto Machine Learning Society November
Journey from undergrad to ML research OnRec, IITR Podcast November
Panel Discussion on Internship Opportunities for Undergraduate Students IITR Alumni Mentorship Program March


Topic Event Month
Demystifying the ML Engineer Role Facebook Developer Circles November
Profiling and Tuning PyTorch Models PyData Global 2021 October
PyTorch Tutorial Machine Learning Course and Reinforcement Learning Course at Mila/PolyTechnique Montreal October/November
Overview of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence AMP Data and Analytics Seminar October
Logging Machine Learning Experiments PyCon India 2021 September
Environments and Baselines for Multi-task RL PyTorch Ecosytem Day and PyTorch Community Voices August
Multitask Reinforcement Learning with Python EuroPython 2021 July
Multitask Reinforcement Learning with Python PyConUS 2021 April
Tutorial on Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning ODSC East 2021 March
Panel Discussion on In Data Science & AI, experience matters more, or talent does. ESUMMIT’21 March
Panel Discussion on Data Science Research & Industry, Open Source, Career in DS and Privacy of ML Models. PyData Delhi January


Topic Event Month
Policy Gradients 9th Data Science UA Conference November
PyTorch Tutorial Machine Learning Course at Mila/PolyTechnique Montreal November
A Closer Look at Codistillation for Distributed Training Brain and Cognitive Society, IIT Kanpur November
Toward Trustworthy AI Development: Mechanisms for Supporting Verifiable Claims First AI for People Workshop August
PyTorch - What, why and how? Facebook Startup Accelerator June
Evaluating Logical Generalization in Graph Neural Networks Summer Research Symposium March


Topic Event Month
GNN Explainer - A Tool for Post-hoc Explanation of Graph Neural Networks Reading Group on Graphs, MILA March


Topic Event Month
Numpy to PyTorch PyCon Canada November
Numpy to PyTorch Montreal Python November
Representation Learning on Graphs with Jumping Knowledge Networks Reading Group on Graphs, MILA June
Stochastic Training of Graph Convolutional Networks with Variance Reduction Reading Group on Graphs, MILA June
GraphRNN: A Deep Generative Model for Graphs Reading Group on Graphs, MILA May
Message Passing Neural Networks Reading Group on Graphs, MILA April


Topic Event Month
Task-Oriented Query Reformulation with Reinforcement Learning Language Understanding and Reading Group, MILA September
Machine Learning Architectures PyData Conference 2017 September
Deep Learning using Image Captioning with TensorFlow & Keras! Women Who Code July
Python for Machine Learning Women Who Code June
Question & Answer Session on Deep Learning Commonlounge Community March
Functional Programming in Python PyDelhi Conference 2017 March
Panel Discussion on state of Python in Delhi/NCR PyDelhi Conference 2017 March


Topic Event Month
Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras PyDelhi + PyData + ILUG-D + Linux Chix meetup mash December
Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras Twitter Developer Group November
Introduction to Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn DigitalOcean Delhi October
Big Data Analysis using PySpark PyCon2016 September
Getting Started with Apache Spark Big Data Training Program, IIT Roorkee April
Introduction to PySpark PyDelhi March